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Asset And Information Safety After Hours

Asset and Information Safety After Hours

After Hours Asset Protection

In today’s economy, businesses cannot afford for any mistakes to occur. Any amount of substantial loss can be enough to make a company go under. Which is why asset protection in the workplace is just as important when everyone has left for the day as it is when everyone arrives in the morning. No matter the type of service your business offers, having a fully functioning security system in place is vital in keeping valuable assets and information safe when nobody is in the building. By being proactive about the security of your business, you can help ensure a greater level of protection and safety against any variety of possible threats to your company after everyone has clocked out for the day.

From video surveillance to access control, here are a few ways you can implement a comprehensive asset-protection plan and help protect your business moving forward.

The Importance of Video Surveillance

Along with the safety and security of your employees during the day, it is essential to ensure your company’s data, networks, software, and equipment are protected, as well. A good place to start in the creation and implementation of an asset-protection plan for your company is by installing a video surveillance system. In a study done by the Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice, the installation of video surveillance security systems led to exponential decreases in burglaries during the five-year period in which the study was conducted.

However, a business can also be damaged by more than just burglaries and break-ins. From fires to broken water pipes, natural threats have the potential to harm any business. Having a good surveillance system installed can potentially save your company from total destruction in these scenarios and give you the opportunity to protect assets from future damages.

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Control Who Has Access

Another great security tip for the workplace is the implementation of access control. By controlling who has access to the building after normal hours of operation, you can also manage which parts of the building can be accessed during these times, as well as their use of doors, gateways, and other workplace materials.

Access control can also be paired with your existing security and surveillance system and can assist in confirming the identity of the visitor attempting to gain entry by installing specialized locks that require keycards or biometric data for entry.

Protecting Your Business

Having a secure building gives your employees peace of mind knowing they are working in a safe and secure environment no matter when they are on the clock.

Whether you choose to improve your video surveillance system or implement access control in your building, there are a number of other options you can consider such as wireless motion detectors and alarm monitors.

While the type of security system your company should install will depend on what type of assets your business needs to protect after hours of operation, having a comprehensive asset protection plan to keep your assets and information safe should be a top priority.

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