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Asset Protection and Commercial Video Surveillance

Owning a business comes with many risks and being able to assess and protect your company from vulnerabilities is crucial to the success of any business owner. Whether it’s revenue losses from burglary, fire, or employee theft, every dollar counts when it comes to the growth of your company. This is why the global market for video surveillance continues to skyrocket with surveillance equipment reaching nearly $16 billion in sales in 2014, and industry experts predict sales will surpass $60 billion by 2023. Whether your business is a sole proprietorship, small business, industrial size, or a multi-level enterprise, TED Systems has you covered when it comes to asset protection and commercial video surveillance.

The Importance of Video Surveillance and Asset Protection

If you’re still unsure about how installing a video surveillance system can benefit your company, here are a few reasons why you should trust TED Systems to get you started.

After Hours Asset Protection

As a business owner, your focus should be on your company’s profits and bottom line and in today’s economy, no business can afford preventable losses to occur. Having a comprehensive asset protection plan and video surveillance system allows you to monitor your business and keep your focus where it should be.

Having a properly installed video surveillance system also helps you to keep occupants from potentially stealing physical materials and machinery. No matter the type of service your business offers, having a fully functioning video surveillance system in place is vital in keeping valuable assets safe when nobody is in the building and ensuring a greater level of protection and safety around the clock.

Protect Your Business Inside and Out

video-surveillance-equipmentOutside threats shouldn’t be your only concern as a business owner. A video surveillance system not only helps protect your company’s assets from burglary, but it also ensures that your employees are using their time and machinery correctly, so they don’t waste your company’s energy and money.

A video surveillance system allows you to monitor all areas of your commercial space to ensure that your employees, as well as visitors, are not taking advantage of time and resources.

When employees and visitors know their actions are being watched, they are less likely to “steal” from your company. Surveillance footage provides images and recordings that are objective, impartial, and admissible as evidence and proof to authorities, insurance companies, and courts of law.

Protecting Your Company’s Assets with a Video Surveillance System

There are several other benefits to having a video surveillance system installed at your place of business, but it goes without saying that security should be at the forefront of every business owners’ mind.

Having a surveillance system can significantly reduce the risk of theft and vandalism, while also increasing employee efficiency. Video surveillance systems provide a factual point of view, and record of exactly what happened should potential legalities occur, but they also encourage employees to take the extra step to comply with established rules and regulations.

While the type of surveillance system your company should install will depend on what type of assets your business needs to protect, having a comprehensive asset protection plan to keep your business safe is a top priority here at TED Systems.

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