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How You Can Prepare for a Cybersecurity Breach

With a cybersecurity playing field that is continuously shifting, preparing for a security breach has become an essential component for all businesses. Let’s take a look at how to best prepare for a security breach and what to do should an incident ever take place.
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The Hazards of Outdated Electrical Wiring

Electrical safety and awareness are imperative to any work environment and employers must legally provide their employees with a safe work environment. Today we take a look at some of the most common electrical and wiring hazards in your commercial business.
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4 Reasons to Maintain Your Access Control System

There is a wide variety of security systems available on the market today for businesses and schools, and no matter which security system you may have in place already, maintaining the effectiveness of your access control system is important for many reasons.
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Why Choose TED Systems for Your System Integration Needs

For years, businesses have transitioned to using independent tools and struggled with choosing the best system to manage their business operations in the quest to remain competitive in system integration. With TED Systems, you can have a software solution that is specifically developed to meet a company’s exact needs.
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How Can a Centralized Security Office Benefit my Business?

With the security environment undergoing drastic changes in recent years, businesses are looking for new ways to ensure the safety of its employees and protection of its data. As some organizations rely on a diversity of tools, your business might find solace in one central solution.
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Protecting Intellectual Property and Information from Theft: Secure Your Ideas

Intellectual property is at the core of every organization and is the number one target of cyber attacks. While intellectual property security is a complex task, there are a number of ways in which you can secure your ideas, employee information, and much more of your digital information from potential theft.
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