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Why Choose TED Systems For Your System Integration Needs

Why Choose TED Systems for Your System Integration Needs

The Quest for System Integration

For years, as businesses have transitioned to the use of independent tools, companies have struggled with choosing the best system to manage their business operations in the quest to remain competitive in system integration. While purchasing cheaper software may seem like a more cost-effective option than acquiring an entirely brand new software solution, many companies are noticing that various applications do not fully cooperate with each other at all and, in fact, provide more work for their employees to effectively assist the company to success.

Rather, having a software solution that is specifically developed to meet a company’s exact needs or having their existing software systems integrated into one has proven to not only save a business’ money, but it also saves them time.

If you’re a business looking to discover how system integration can benefit your company, TED Systems has your solution.

What Is System Integration?

The easiest way to explain system integration is to describe it as putting various independent components together to work in collaboration as a whole. For example, if a company is using several different subsystems, the potential of losing valuable information is present in every step of the process. Connecting them into one is not only the wisest decision you can make for your company, it also gives you the best chance of helping you beat your competitors. Using one system rather than many endures more accurate and safe results.

While the process of creating a complex information system that will integrate with new or existing software/hardware and communications may seem like a complicated process, the benefits of system integration are nearly endless.

The Benefits of System Integration

Increased Productivity

With system integration, employees can now spend more time on tasks that will help the business to grow rather than replicating and waiting for information to be sent to them. By removing several routine tasks, employees can finally focus on their actual tasks instead of manually entering data into every subsystem within your company. System integration also allows management the opportunity to focus on quality output from their team rather than the size and the constant need to hire new and experienced employees.

Simplified and Secure

Now that you have all of your company’s necessary data stored in one information system, relevant data is easier and safer for employees to access. System integration can include multiple buildings or multiple sites and, with a fully integrated business system, facilities managers can now work from a single workstation, allowing any problems to be solved and changes to be made with the click of a button rather than having to visit multiple computer systems. This will ensure that your IP is safe and secure throughout the company.

Real-Time Visibility

Real-time visibility is important in making timely, informed decisions and with system integration, you can ensure seamless data connectivity that improves the internal workflow of your organization and the prospects of your company on the market. When information can be accessed instantly and from virtually anywhere, your company can save resources from data extraction and use it to better inform employees to make accurate and fast decisions.

How TED Can Help

Despite the implementation of technology across all fields of business, many companies still do not have adequate information systems and thus limiting their overall potential as a business and with the increasing advances in building automation technology, system integration is a popular topic. One common problem for many organizations, however, is their ability to efficiently manage the ever-expanding amounts of data they have to store. Without system integration, facilities staff potentially have to learn how to operate each element separately and the management of each can be very cumbersome. With an effective and fully integrated data information system with TED Systems, organizations are now more empowered than ever in achieving business objectives in a cost-effective manner.

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