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The Hazards of Outdated Electrical Wiring

Hazards of Old Commercial Wiring

While operating your business on a day-to-day basis, you probably don’t think much about the wiring and electrical interiors of your office building. After all, it’s pretty much entirely out of sight for the most part. Nearly 30,000 accidents reported in the workplace each year are electrical related and almost 350 of which have led to recorded fatalities.

Electrical safety is imperative to absolutely any workplace. Employers must legally provide their employees with a safe work environment. The first step is being aware of the potential electrical hazards that can occur in the workplace. Today we will take a look at some of the most common dangers of having out of date electrical systems in your commercial building.

Overloading Low Amp Wiring

One of the most significant electrical wiring hazards in a workplace is the overloading of circuits due to old wiring. To put it simply, circuits that were made 30 or 40, sometimes even just 20 years ago, were not built to handle things like smart devices and large printers. Because older wiring can often only be rated for lower amps than is required by many of the modern day appliances and business equipment today, overloading low amp wiring can potentially cause dangerous electrical fires.

Outlets can also only handle so much strain before they become a serious fire hazard and overuse is a sure way to overwhelm and overheat low amp wiring. If you think your outlet poses as a potential threat to employee safety, bringing in a professional electrician to perform maintenance any outlets and/or install circuit interrupters into old breakers are two is the best precaution you can take to ensure your place of business does not become dangerous to employees.

Poor Electrical Design

Another major problem for older electrical systems is poor design. Depending on the age of your building, your electrical system may have been designed to meet very outdated electrical safety codes. Truthfully, your building doesn’t need to be as old as you might think for it to have outdated electrical work. Electrical standards have drastically changed over the years, and there’s a good chance that your electrical wiring may not pass an up-to-date inspection.

Commercial buildings are also often the most modified as tenants frequently come and go so it’s common to see installations that have been changed over the years and some electricians and technicians may not have been qualified to make significant upgrades in electrical wiring. This can mean any number of things, but most notably is that there could potentially be loose, live wires hiding behind the walls of your commercial building. If you’re unsure of the age of your building or when the last time you had a quality inspection completed, your best bet is to schedule an inspection with a qualified commercial electrical company to take a look and, at the very least, make sure there aren’t any major fire hazards.

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Other Dangers of Outdated Electrical Wiring

There is also a risk of having compromised security systems due to outdated electrical work. You now not only have to worry about fire hazards, but you also need to think about how faulty wiring could effect your ability to protect your employees and assets against outside intruders. In addition to taking care of outdated electrical work, be sure to schedule regular maintenance for your access control system.

You also run the risk of having an intercom sound system that cannot reach all parts of your establishment due to faulty wiring and old electrical work. This could effect your ability to warn all employees of a dangerous situation and put their safety at risk.

Protect Your Employees and Business

Whether your commercial panel hasn’t been upgraded recently, the insulation on your wiring is less than perfect or any of the other reasons we stated above, electrical equipment can pose a dangerous hazard to your business and employees. Any amount of exposure to faulty electrical equipment can lead to severe injuries and potential fatalities, which is why it is imperative for you to practice equipment safety standards and protocols while also staying up-to-date on any changes in electrical codes and inspections.

If you think your commercial business may have old wiring hazards, having a professional check your equipment correctly is one of the best ways to ensure that your company’s building and employees are safe.

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