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Custom Security: Safety Is Not One Size Fits All

Custom Security: Safety is Not One Size Fits All

Some trick themselves into thinking that a few security cameras, a bit of security software, and a traditional lock on their doors with an ‘Authorized Personnel Only’ sign is enough to protect building occupants and assets. That is simply not the case anymore. With a rise in cybersecurity breaches and general theft, companies need to arm themselves with custom security protection for employee and asset safety.

Customizing Your Security Systems

Every facility, big or small, has their own specific security needs.  There are many factors that we take into account at TED Systems based on these particular application-design needs. Our process is to first address the application-specific need by figuring out if your facility would benefit from an upgraded fire alarm system, access control, video surveillance, audio or communications product. We then engineer, design, and install with your specific level of risk and concern in mind.

3 Areas of Focus for Your Security and Safety Systems

  1. Fire alarm systems. These should be designed and installed according to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) code. If your system is out of date or deemed ineffective, this puts you and every one of your facilities occupants at risk.
  2.  Access control, video surveillance, and mass notification should be designed and installed to eliminate any on-premise risk. If a security system is not installed with specific needs of the building or facility in mind, there is a risk to occupants and assets. TED Systems has ASIS Board Certified Security Personnel on staff.
  3. When it comes to sound and mass notification systems installations, you must take into account the acoustics environment of the space. Mass notification systems, like security systems, reduce risk, but these systems can also notify occupants quickly and effectively in an emergency situation.

A Centralized Security Office Keeps Information in One Place

A centralized security office is a place where you can monitor all areas of the building, log access control information, and send out a building-wide alert if an emergency situation occurs. This ia very important preventative measure to take when it comes to security within your facility.


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Facility Size and Custom Security Systems

It seems pretty obvious, a bigger space means a larger security systems network. All areas of your building should be secure no questions asked. A larger space means more door-access control points, more fire alarm integration, and more video surveillance. You want to make sure you have a professional install and maintain these systems simply due to the scale of the network.

Having your security systems customized for your facility is a huge factor in how well they will function in a high-risk situation. An investment in safety and security is one of the most responsible decisions you can make regarding occupant and asset safety

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