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Exposing The Myths: 10 Common Misconceptions About Security Cameras

Exposing the Myths: 10 Common Misconceptions About Security Cameras

Security has become a top priority for any business owner. According to, Americans feel that the crime rate is going up despite statistics showing that the rate is, in fact, declining for both violent crimes and property crimes. However, this does not mean that your commercial property is safe and measures should still be taken to improve your security.

One way of ensuring that your premises are secured is by installing security cameras. CCTV systems, as they are commonly called, provide 24/7 surveillance of your property so that you can monitor and easily catch any irregular activities that might happen on your premises.

Benefits of having CCTV

Visibly placed CCTVs act as a deterrent, even if they’re not active, a possible intruder will not know. A properly installed CCTV system means that you can monitor your premises from anywhere you are in the world at any time.

The camera feed gets transmitted in real-time where you can watch it online straight from your smartphone or laptop. Some CCTV systems are also equipped with audio and voice capabilities where you can talk and scare off potential intruders.

If a crime or irregular activity does occur, the video recorded by your CCTV can be used as evidence to catch and convict the perpetrator. This is useful especially if there were no witnesses to the crime or if the witness is unreliable.

Security cameras have helped revolutionize security in offices and other commercial buildings. However, there are still several myths and misconceptions revolving CCTV installation. Many people are still widely misinformed about the purposes of security cameras. Here are a few misconceptions about CCTV systems and why they are not true.

Common myths and misconceptions on security cameras

Myth #1. CCTV systems can be installed by anyone

Any individual who has worked with wirings and computer systems before may attempt to install the CCTV system. However, it is best to leave it in the hands of experienced custom installation technicians who will make sure that the wires, cameras and other sensitive and complicated equipment are properly installed.

Myth #2. CCTV systems are very expensive

You should not underestimate how desperate intruders can be. Even if you aren’t the most prestigious building, your office will contain a wealth of valuables that are not only valuable to you, but to thieves, too.

There are many economically viable CCTV systems available on the market today. One example is analog CCTVs, which are also very easy to install. But if you have a greater need and require more and enhanced features, you might want to invest in IP or wireless security cameras that provide high-resolution videos and images and have Wi-Fi and microphone.

Myth #3. My property is old and is not fit for a security system

Modern alarm systems will work even in old properties as long as the wirings and the cameras are properly installed. They are designed to be user-friendly so they are easy to operate even if you are non-techie. During installation, you can ask your technician to teach you or the appropriate staff how to operate your security system. There are also user manuals available in every CCTV system that are easy to understand and follow.

Myth #4. CCTV systems cannot stop thieves or intruders from breaking into a building

This is not only a misconception, it is false. According to, overall property crime in the US has decreased to almost 69% since 1993 due to the increased availability and affordability fo alarm systems.

While it is true that most CCTV systems available today use motion detector cameras (which do not detect intruders until they are already inside your premises), there are advanced monitoring systems that use heat detection and other unique radio signals that warn you instantly whenever someone tries to break in. You can also install door and window sensors to add to your property’s security.

Many people also think that intruders can override or avoid CCTV exposure. Most cases of theft involve low-level burglars who do not have the skills nor the knowledge to shut down or override an alarm system.

Myth #5. CCTV systems aren’t necessary if your commercial property is in a secure location

Crime can happen anywhere. There is nothing wrong with installing security cameras around your premises so that you have backup evidence in case something happens. As a business owner, you want to ensure that your place is protected and safe.

The same goes for having an outdated and broken CCTV system. If your security cameras are constantly breaking or they provide back clear and identifiable images, then it is time to upgrade them to ensure that your surveillance system remains working.

Myth #6. The police might not get to my premises in time to catch the burglar

Police response times may vary. But even if the intruder escapes, his image and identity might have been captured by your security cameras, which will make it easier for the police to find and capture them.

Furthermore, many security cameras available today have video verification. Police take such claims seriously and they dispatch personnel at a higher priority, increasing the chances of apprehension.

Myth #7. All security cameras provide complete visibility of surroundings

The visibility of your security cameras depends on how they are placed. Improperly placed security cameras can miss out on a few important areas, which is why carefully positioning your cameras in strategic locations is essential.

Generally, for an office, cameras should be placed in the reception area, the working area, loading and unloading areas, as well as in secluded areas near the office.

Myth #8. It would be difficult to hardwire my premises

The installation process is straightforward, especially if you hire a professional to do it. The installation doesn’t take too much time so you can be sure that your workflow or activities won’t be significantly delayed or impeded.

Furthermore, updating your security system is also quick and easy, especially if the system you are using uses Wi-Fi and can go online.

Myth #9. Expensive lock systems are enough

If you think you don’t need security cameras because you already have expensive, high-quality locks, think again. Security cameras offer another layer of security and protection to your premises. What is more, it offers visibility and records evidence, something locks do not provide.

Myth #10. It is possible to clear up grainy footage

Not all cameras have the same image quality. Choose quality cameras of high enough resolution. If possible, test the camera quality before buying your CCTV system.

Another misleading thing about camera quality is the lux figures, which are an indicator of how well the camera performs at night. The lower the lux number, the better the camera performance. There are cameras equipped with infrared that reports a lux number of 0, but their low light sensitivity may be poor.

Ask professional help

a professional installing CCTVConsult an expert technician to ensure that you are using high-quality cameras for your premises. You can also hire them to install the cameras for you so that they are properly positioned to maximize their visibility.

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