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How To Train Security Guards

How to Train Security Guards

Proper training security guards is essential to ensure that everyone in and around your building, but how do you know that you are properly training these individuals

A security guard training course or program should cover important topics relevant to the job. It might cover laws and legislations, fire safety awareness and emergency procedures. Security guards may need to develop diverse skills, from conflict resolution to crowd control in order to take action when the time comes.

Essential Elements of Security Guard Training

If you want to create a security guard training program, there are some crucial elements that should be included.

First, you start off your training program with a vision statement. This describes what you want from the training and how it will align with your business’s needs.

security-guard-with-earpieceYou should also set out the training requirements for the program, which defines the training your security guards will need to undertake.

Start by thinking about any laws or regulations that you need to comply with so that you have your legal bases covered.

Safety training is also a must-have for training requirements. Security guards should know how to carry out their jobs safely, as well as learn First Aid.

It’s also a good idea to think about partnering with a training provider to offer your training. One of the advantages of this is that your security guards could gain certification at the end of their training.

In addition, it means you will be able to provide industry-standard training without having to start from scratch.

Considering how to deliver your training is also important. Your guards might receive on-the-job training or take time out from work to complete their training.

Finally, you should have a curriculum and coursework for your training.

How to Create an Excellent Training Program

Anyone could put together a security guard training program but knowing what makes a training program great is what makes a difference.

If you want to ensure your training program is as good as it can be, listening to your employees is vital. You should be engaging them in conversation and letting them have their say on what they want from their training.

Get your employees involved in the decision-making process and allow them to help shape the program. As well as helping develop an initial training program, they can also help with continuing to improve training.

When you are creating a training requirements document for your program, you can survey your employees and ask them about the training they want.

How Security Guard Training Is Changing

security-guard-looking-at-cctvJust like anything else, security guard training continues to develop.

There are various factors that influence training development and affect how security guards need to operate in the 21st century. One of the factors that should be taken into account is the rise in terrorist offenses, which come from a range of groups with varying agendas. Although most security guards don’t need to be experts in counterterrorism, they need to be aware of the risks and how to navigate them.

Technology is another major factor in changes to security guard training. All businesses need to keep up with technology in a range of areas so that they don’t fall behind.

Security technology is key to pay attention to. Security guards should receive training in operating security systems.

Modern security officers will often be using tools including smartphones, tablets, body cameras, and a host of other gadgets.

It’s also essential for businesses to keep up with the regulations that govern security professionals and general business operations.

This is connected with the need to follow advancements in technology, as technology can influence security concerns and therefore regulatory requirements. New regulations need to be taken into account and training programs updated regularly.

Troubleshooting Security Guard Training

When you are putting together a training program for security guards, there are some common problems that can occur.

Although they can seem difficult to deal with, most issues can mitigated to further help you develop and deliver the training program that you need for your security guards.

If you are having problems with budget, consider the benefits that having trained security guards will bring to your business.

You can enjoy higher income per employee and higher profits, in addition to better productivity, employee engagement and employee retention.

A lack of IT infrastructure is often another issue, but it’s now not as necessary as it used to be. Cloud technology can help remove the need for sophisticated IT support. You can deliver training through mobile solutions, which gives you the flexibility to run your training how you need to.

Improve Your Security Systems – Reduce Your Reliance on Security Guards

Training security guards helps to ensure that your premises will be protected and your security needs are met. However, relying on security guards can be expensive when you take into account hiring, training and paying wages, taxes and more.

It’s also important to consider how else you can improve your security systems so that you are not too reliant on security guards. One of the things that can improve your security systems most is an access control system.

An access control system reduces the need for on-site security guards by making it easier to let the right people on and off your premises.

Access control systems can have key cards, pin codes, alarms, biometric scanners, and video surveillance systems. You will be able to control who enters and exits your building, control the environment and prevent trespassing, data breaches, thefts, and other problems. Installing an access control system can increase the safety, security, and productivity of your business.

We can help you with the security of your premises, installing access control systems and other solutions to reduce the need for security guards. Click below to learn more about the security solutions we offer!



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