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Important Types Of Commercial Low-Voltage Systems

Important Types of Commercial Low-Voltage Systems

Low-voltage systems in a commercial environment are imperative to the safety of an establishment’s occupants.

Three Types of Commercial Low-Voltage Systems

When it comes to low-voltage fire alarms, security alarms, and video surveillance systems, TED Systems is Kansas City’s leading provider and systems integrator in the design, installation, and service of basic to sophisticated campus networked fire and intercom systems for commercial offices, healthcare facilities, educational campuses, industrial plants, and detention centers.

Fire Alarms and Security Alarms

The purpose of a low-voltage fire alarm system in a commercial setting is to ensure the safety of the people on the premises and to protect the property against the risks of fire, smoke, and other critical emergencies. TED Systems installs and integrates intelligent fire alarms that can be customized to fit your building’s specifications.

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Video Surveillance

In the last five years, statistics show that spending on video surveillance equipment has more than doubled and as its popularity has increased, criminal behavior has dropped. With low-voltage video surveillance systems, you can keep an eye on what matters most to your business. Video surveillance is commonplace at the entrances and exits of commercial buildings and related facilities. We suggest adding video surveillance cameras throughout your establishment to avoid unwanted theft and other potential risks. It is also a critical element in higher education campus security as they provide cameras that sweep the parking lots that surrounding locations.

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Intercom Systems

An intercom system is the easiest way to make important building-wide announcements and alert the occupants in the building of potential danger. Intercoms are easy to operate and last an extremely long time once installed with regular maintenance.

Additional Benefits for Your Business

Commercial low-voltage systems are essential to running a successful business, no matter if your company is small, large, or somewhere in the middle. Low-voltage systems are used to provide a platform for all your safety communication systems and can help your business reduce expenses, use energy more efficiently, and create a more secure building for employees and patrons. Low-voltage systems also use less power than high-voltage systems and are typically safer due to their reduced risk of shock.

All of these systems can be integrated with various configurations to provide rapid emergency alert coordination. Contact us regarding any of your low-voltage system’s needs. We have the products and expertise to meet the expectations of your unique business and facility.

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