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Integrated School Security Systems & Emergency Responses: We Can Do Better

Integrated School Security Systems & Emergency Responses: We Can Do Better

Parental concerns regarding the security of children while they are in school have dramatically increased over the years as schools across the nation have become more susceptible to crime and violence. From investing in preparedness training, safety programs, and trusted school security systems, schools and colleges are ensuring the comprehensive safety of their students, teachers, and staff. As threats continue to rise, however, how can schools move quickly and accomplish being able to provide the most secure environment possible?

The answer may not be as out-of-the-box as one might think.

Why Integrated School Security Is the Better Option

As it stands, schools are currently handling security issues with long structured plans. This is thanks to a specific low bid process which involves hiring a consultant to produce documents then develop a package which distributed to interested bidders and often results in the absolute minimum amount of specified requirements being met. These often also provide very little continuity, commonality, and/or standardization.

By integrating a school security systems, the process becomes much easier and even gives existing buildings the chance to be upgraded without having to completely replace the previously installed system. This makes integration much more affordable than other options and the evidence is proven performance.

Why Integrated School Safety Improves Security

Parents, administrators, community leaders, and politicians across the nation are requiring schools to quickly address ways in which they can provide the most secure environment possible and the best way to do that is by being prepared for any emergency situation that may arise.

Integrated school security systems protect children by providing local police, school officials, and emergency personnel real-time command and control of the video, audio, and other systems within the school it has been installed. Thanks to broadband wireless internet access, proper integration is able to provide answers to many questions in regards to security, lock-down, access control, visitor management, voice evacuation, and mass notifications such as emails, text messages, and radio.

Implementing Integrated Security Systems

In order to accomplish the proper integration of school security systems, addressing prevention, emergency preparedness, and emergency situation command and control must be the highest priority. Integrated security systems are all viewed and controlled remotely via a wireless network, they can do a number of things in emergency situations such as forcing students outside in the case of a fire emergency, record and discourage security problems with the help of digital video surveillance. There is also the invaluable ability to track patterns/people/evacuation needs to know who has visited, as well as when and why, with visitor management, and they can even a prevent facility compromise in on/off hours with burglar alarms.

Integrate Security with TED Solutions

Integrators should have cutting-edge products with a demonstrated capability of delivering integration through teamwork and service. Choosing the best professional service to improve a school security systems should not be left up to the lowest bidder, but be implemented based on high-quality references and performance.

Making sure that your team properly handles all sensitive information with extreme caution and restricted distribution must be a priority. TED Systems has developed a process that specifically addresses all of these issues and ensures it will provide the best functioning and most cost-effective approach to integrating school security systems for any emergency situation.

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