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What To Look For In A TED Systems Fire, Security & Access Control Bid

What to Look for in a TED Systems Fire, Security & Access Control Bid

When shopping for a new fire, video or access control system, you will no doubt encounter a wide variation of information regarding what the final cost is going to be. Understandably, you simply want to find out an accurate cost of what this project is going to cost so that you can plan accordingly.

Rest assured, while every service provider is going to be different in terms of how they price out their products and services, you can at least expect a few standard items to surface in a bid. Here at TED Systems, we aim to be even more transparent. These are the most crucial things that you should keep in mind when reviewing a bid from TED Systems.

Value is Our Foremost Priority

The most important thing we want you to understand about your bid is that our ultimate goal is to provide you with the value you deserve. This is in regards to both the quality of product as well as the services proposed. If you’re not getting the value you deserve to accomplish your goals, then we haven’t done our job properly. When it comes down to it, TED Systems may not be the cheapest service provider out there, but we pride ourselves on providing the most value to our clients. That being said…

We’ll Look for Opportunities to Save You Money

Because we want to provide you with the most value possible, we’ll also try to save you money where we can. That means we won’t ever propose something unnecessary to make an extra buck. We’ll provide you with solutions that make sense. Which leads us to our next point:

Sometimes Simple is Best

Service providers will oftentimes present you with an elaborate solution when, in truth, the right solution is much simpler than you realize. So if it sounds too good to be true (especially when comparing it to what your other bidder is proposing), you can rest assured that we’re being completely honest and that, yes—it really IS that simple. And we’ll always explain why.

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Warranty & Support are Included

Things break. This is the truth about any fire, security, and communications system, no matter what it may be. Since we know that a percentage of a system will eventually need support, we account for this by factoring a warranty into your quote. We do this as a service to you so that there are very few surprises when it comes to this investment you’re making. You can also rest easy knowing that we’ll be there should something go wrong—no if’s, and’s or but’s.

The Internet Can Be Misleading

Internet searches are typically insufficient for finding you an accurate quote on your project. While you might be trying to educate yourself about the bidding and quoting process as well as trying to get budget numbers so you have an idea of the value of the proposed services you’ll be needing, keep in mind that internet searches will never factor in the many nuances of your project needs.

For example, you might be able to find the retail cost of the surveillance camera you’re interested in using, but what happens when that surveillance camera breaks? Or the hardware needs to be updated or encounters a glitch? does not come out and fix your issues or help you handle the necessary paperwork to redeem your warranty.

Through no fault of his own, a customer of ours did this very thing. He attempted to research what his project would cost, but he was surprised to find that he was nearly $10,000 off in his estimate. We will always happily educate our prospective customers, but remember that while the internet can give you an idea of how much the product itself will cost, it doesn’t tell you anything about installation, system requirements, warranties, maintenance or support. These are all things we factor into your bid so that you have a comprehensive estimate of the services that will be provided.

Since every project has nuanced needs and requirements, it can be challenging to find an accurate estimate without an on-site visit and in-depth conversation first. There is no pressure in receiving a quote from a provider and it costs nothing to have a professional come out and assess your project needs.

Get Your Free, On-Site Estimate

For unparalleled quality and value in fire detection, security and communications systems, call TED Systems at (913) 677-5771 or email us for a free, on-site visit and estimate on your next project.
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