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Let’s Talk Professional Intercom Systems

Let’s Talk Professional Intercom Systems

When it comes to being able to communicate with your employees, no method is as effective as a professional intercom system. Rather than picking up a phone or sending an email, with an intercom system you can quickly and effectively deliver a message to an entire building in a matter of seconds. Whatever the size or purpose of your company or building, intercom systems are essential for effective two-way communications, and there are a variety of benefits to having a professional low-voltage system installed.

The Importance of Professional Intercom Systems

Let’s take a look at a few advantages and benefits of having a professional intercom system installed at your place of business.

Maintain Building Safety with a Mass Alert System

commercial-intercomSound systems don’t always have to be for relaying quick messages to a room full of employees. They can also be used in emergency situations to relay important information. Intercom systems can also play warning and reassurance messages to help guide employees and visitors to safety during an emergency without getting hurt or causing panic in the process, all at the push of a button. These systems can also improve the security of your building by allowing you to communicate with on-site security guards of any potential safety hazards whether they are on patrol or overseeing security cameras.

Make Important Announcements

Understandable communication is critical for every business and, as we mentioned above, professional intercom systems are great for delivering clear and concise messages no matter what the situation is. If a situation needs to be resolved, systems that allow any credentialed employee to make an announcement to reach the necessary members of staff to quickly resolve an issue. Intercom systems can also be used communication between individual rooms or offices. What you want is to allow for quick and easy response in noisy environments with as little interruption as possible.

Integration with Existing Systems

intercom-cameraAnother great thing about professional intercom systems is their ability to integrate with any existing systems you currently have installed. For example, most current and up-to-date intercom system models allow for easy integration to existing fire alarm systems so that, in the event of a fire emergency, you can alert all building occupants of the situation with an automated message. Most current intercom systems also come with integrated video functionality, allowing you to have a quick face-to-face chat with a coworker. Lastly, professional intercom systems are also often used to secure access to a facility. Rather than allowing any individual that needs access to the building. With new intercom system integration, an employee will have the ability to see the who needs to be let into the building using closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras.

Who Needs an Intercom System?

As you can see,  professional intercom systems are a great solution if you are running a business, managing an office building, or maintaining the security of a school. Whether you need to communicate with a single person or multiple people, intercom systems give you the chance to instantly communicate with employees, visitors, and customers at the push of a button. Intercom systems are a great solution to stay connected with anyone in your building and, with a professional intercom system from TED Systems, you can be sure that the needs of your company are accurately assessed and configured to meet any of your specific needs.

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