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The Video Centric Trap: Proprietary Systems Disguised As Open-Source Platforms.

The Video Centric Trap: Proprietary Systems Disguised As Open-Source Platforms.

Choosing Your Company’s Video Platform

Having the right type of platform to properly run your business as efficiently as possible is vital to your company’s success in the marketplace. When it comes to choosing that platform and the where it performs, you generally have two options and while there are advantages and disadvantages of both, some providers can make systems look very attractive to your business because it is the easiest of the two routes. In this article, we’ll take a look at how you can avoid the video centric trap and avoid being locked into a proprietary system disguised as an open platform.

Why You Should Avoid Proprietary Platforms

There is one major advantage to using a proprietary platform system and that is the level of customer service and website development elements you will receive and proprietary systems typically have a few more features that appeal to business owners. However, as problems arise, having a proprietary system may leave your company out to dry for a little longer than if you were to have an open-source platform. Before long, maintenance contracts and the cost of future replacements start to pile up and your company may find it nearly impossible to get out from underneath all of it.

Open-Source Platforms for All

Open-source platforms are on the rise and dedication to the platform is, as well. Dedicated to unrestricted access, open-source platforms give users access to the source code of some of the most commonly used on the market and allows you the capability to alter it as you see most fit for your business. Opposite of proprietary platforms, open-source systems also allow you to try the platform for free before you decide to buy it and in the case that you do make the purchase, open-source platforms have the same global community of users and developers available to you, making support for your system practically free.

How ONVIF Connects Your Company to The World

There are many standards when it comes to the interface of network video products, but ONVIF is the open-source industry platform global standard. Officially incorporated as a non-profit corporation in 2008, ONVIF has since been committed to the adoption of network video in the marketplace. ONVIF specifications ensure interoperability between network video products, regardless of manufacturer, and also defines the common protocol that should be used for the exchange of information between network video devices and intelligence metadata.

ONVIF is important because as the technology world gets closer and closer to IP connected enterprises, maintaining global standards is vital to the platform’s security, as well as success. ONVIF allow the network camera, video management solutions, and server storage solutions to be pulled together as an interoperable solution rather than relying on multiple manufacturer interfaces and offers many benefits to business owners.

Choosing Open-Source Is Choosing Success

For some business owners, proprietary platforms are among the easiest to deal with when something goes awry. All you have to do is pick up the phone or send an email to your provider and a fix is on the way. We understand why that choice is liked by many. However, if your company needs a fast solution to a problem, open-source provides you with exactly that and if you would rather have a hands-on approach to your company’s video platform, open-source is definitively the route your business should take.

Interested in migrating from proprietary to open platform?

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