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Protect Your Business with Automatic Security Turnstiles

Managers around the world are realizing that extra precautions like automatic security turnstiles are vital for a safe and functioning workspace. In fact, the added security offered by technologies like these means that you can make your security guard’s lives a lot easier.

automatic-security-turnstile-close-upYou have to go above and beyond to protect what you have built from unwelcome intrusion. When you have a team of employees working within that space, you also have a legal obligation to do so.

Most of us achieve this by installing alarm systems and CCTV, but you might want to take things a step further to stop intruders gaining access for good.

Of course, pretty much everyone is used to seeing turnstiles at sporting events, courthouses, and airports, but few business owners have considered incorporating them.

There are now some incredibly sleek automatic security turnstile designs that can make your commercial space safer than ever. If you aren’t convinced, keep reading.

#1. Easier visitor management

An automatic turnstile is an ideal way to control visitor numbers. This is the main reason why they are used at sporting events.

Within a business setting, it’s unlikely that you want people walking in off the street without appointments or authorization – similar to how people can’t walk into a football game without tickets. Your reception team can’t keep an eye on everything and everyone if they’re busy, but an automatic security turnstile can.

By investing in a design that requires authorized access, you can literally lock intruders out of your space at any time. Then, you can give verified parties keycards, or have them call in advance and let them in yourself.

Even within a large retail store or mall, automatic security turnstiles can give employees and shoppers peace of mind without feeling too invasive.

It’s always challenging to keep an eye on incoming traffic during busy times. A turnstile helps to slow the pace, thus giving your security team more time to spot potential threats and follow necessary protocol to negate those threats.

#2. Operating capabilities from anywhere in the building

security-guard-in-security-officeThe automated capabilities of turnstiles like these are yet another great security benefit.

In some instances, you may want to keep turnstiles unlocked and use them to control your flow of traffic. This works well, but it can still leave your business open to unwanted intrusions.

Automatic security turnstiles come complete with the long-distance operating capabilities. This means that security can control the turnstiles at any time even if they are in another area of the building. With the click of a button, they can lock turnstiles and disallow anyone from entering or exiting the building.

As soon as the risk of unwanted or unwelcome intrusion has passed, your security team can easily set the turnstiles back to the mode they were previously on.

This is vital for taking fast action in emergencies and negating risk. Methods like these also allow your existing security team to keep an eye on things like CCTV footage and the general overseeing of your space.

You could go as far as to say that an automatic security turnstile becomes like another member of the security team you’ve already got.

#3. Visual deterrent

As is the case with having security cameras installed, automatic security turnstiles also act as visual deterrents. Without having to consider operating modes or specific security efforts, measures like these can make a difference.

You’ll find that unwanted traffic to your retail or office space is reduced with these in place.

Whether your turnstiles are locked or not, the risk of coming up against any kind of deterrent is often enough to keep intruders at bay on its own. Unwanted intruders will likely decide that targeting your business isn’t worth their while.

Choose the Right Automatic Security Turnstile For Your Business

Security isn’t always easy to get right, but automatic security turnstiles are always a useful addition to a business. The three main sizes on the market right now are:

  • Full-height turnstiles
  • Waist-height turnstiles
  • Pedestrian gates

Each installation is guaranteed to bring new levels of safety to any operation without adding extra work for an already pushed security team. Even better, additions like these provide security both when you’re in the workplace and when you’re out of it.

So, what are you waiting for? At TED Systems, we are a trusted installer of Alvarado turnstiles. Contact us at 913-667-5771 today to discuss incorporating security turnstiles to protect both employees and patrons.

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