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The Risks Of Direct To Consumer Security Systems

The Risks of Direct to Consumer Security Systems

As new technology emerges and becomes readily available to consumers, there can often times be a lot of excitement involved. However, some of the technology that is available out of the box does come with risks.

Direct to Consumer Security System Risks

From poor quality to faulty installation, there are a number of things to consider before purchasing a new, out of the box security system. In some cases, the risks may not sound like a big deal, but they can be detrimental to the safety of your establishment.

Faulty Installation

With out of the box security systems, customers are given the opportunity to skip having to pay a company to come install their system. However, they may be losing out on full functionality if they try to install the system in-house. Bad installations not only look unpleasant to the eye, but they can also cause serious problems along the way; from equipment failure to electrical problems that cause fires, there are plenty of installation horror stories out there. The best way to make sure installation is done correctly is to hire a professional.

Poor Quality

While direct to consumer security systems may be half the price of what a professional installer would charge, you want to make sure you aren’t also getting half of a security system. Although there has been a widespread adoption of out of the box security systems across the globe, there are still plenty of systems that lack the actual quality they should be providing only leads to more frequent maintenance calls. Some out of the box security systems offer starting prices as little as $50. However, you may want to do a little more research to make sure you aren’t sacrificing quality, performance, and durability for a lower cost. Also cameras are not created equal, even with professional cameras. Often times inexpensive cameras won’t even keep up with the different lighting changes that occur with the natural movement of sunlight during the day and the night vision won’t see as far as the advertisement says either.

Unavailable Maintenance

As we mentioned above, with a poor quality security system comes more frequent maintenance calls and sometimes the maintenance is unavailable or more expensive than the system itself. In rare cases, it might leave your space insecure if the equipment has to be taken out in order to be fixed but generally it is cheaper and easier to just replace what is broken. Like any product when you buy a kit there are a lot of savings, but when you buy parts individually these will usually cost close to the same as the whole kit did originally. While out of the box security systems come with perks, they can also come with shortcomings that aren’t usually associated with more professional grade systems. You don’t want to be left without security just because of a minor problem with your system.

Don’t Get Stuck With a Faulty Security System

When it comes to direct to consumer security systems, expensive hardware is what most customers notice first, and in this market, the variation in pricing can be enormous. Many of the low price, out of the box security systems will not serve all of your needs and there’s a good chance that it will be largely inadequate for efficient security or will cost you even more in maintenance in the long run, leaving the overall cost of ownership to be way more than the original purchase price. Don’t get stuck with a faulty security system.

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