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School Safety: Up To Date Intercom Systems

School Safety: Up to Date Intercom Systems

Safer Schools with Up To Date Intercom Systems

School’s out for a little bit longer, which means it is an excellent time for schools to update their intercom system(s). Intercom systems have practical daily uses like morning and afternoon announcements but are also great for use in safety drills and school sports activities. Intercom systems are also the fastest way to alert everyone in the school of an immediate threat and having an out of date intercom system can put your students and faculty in danger.

Clear and Concise Communication

Clear, understandable communication is critical when it comes to emergency situations and, with the simple push of a button, intercom systems allow anyone to make an announcement to reach the necessary members of staff to resolve an issue or take appropriate action if it is an immediate safety issue. Intercom systems can also be used for routine communication between classrooms and offices to address specific students and members of staff. In potentially threatening situations, up to date intercom systems provide clearly understood messages, so errors such as false alarms or mishearing the person at the other end can be eliminated.

Protection for Students and Teachers

Up to date intercom systems are also fitted with vandal-resistant emergency call stations that are always ready and available to provide enhanced security in all areas. Most systems can also be automated or grouped into playback zones to target information messages more quickly and precisely and, at the push of a button, automated playback of warning and reassurance messages can help de-escalate a situation. An intercom system that works is imperative to the safety of students and teachers.

Sadly, there is an increasing need for secure communication in schools and an up to date intercom system provides the means to protect students and staff from potential attacks and outside perpetrators. The world we currently live in requires more precaution for the everyday safety of children than possibly any other point in history, which makes having an up to date intercom system more important than ever. Schools must be safe under everyday conditions, as well as emergency situations.

Is it Time to Update Your Intercom System?

What do you really know about your school’s intercom system? Is anything missing from it? Could it do more? Should it do more?

An up to date intercom system provides important communication between students and staff and, for safety reasons, they are a must-have in all schools. They also come equipped with automatic clock controlled tone generators to signal the start of the day and the end of the day over classroom and hallway speakers. Intercom systems can now be designed with built-in emergency evacuation, which includes pre-recorded event messages for severe weather warnings, fire evacuation instructions, intruder lockdown, medical emergency, and much more.

Innovative Intercom Systems with TED Systems

At TED Systems, we believe that an up to date intercom system should always have the capability of doing more; this is why all of the intercom systems we offer are affordable and easy to install. No matter how large or small your school’s campus is, our low-voltage technicians can customize your intercom system to fit your building’s specifications.

TED Systems intercom systems offer emergency features such as single button access to reach individual classrooms, the ability to page all rooms at once, the ability to page multiple buildings, as well as inputs for background music or recordings, and tone signals for class start and stop times.

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