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Securing Your Building At Night: AXIS M3058-PLVE

Securing Your Building at Night: AXIS M3058-PLVE

Night Vision Security Cameras

Security cameras are an essential component of any effective business security system and night vision cameras provide the protection you need while also acting as a deterrent against crimes that happen during after-hours like theft, burglaries, and vandalism. Being able to rely on a trusted night vision camera technology to monitor and record your surroundings, is crucial in feeling protected from the unknown and the AXIS M3058-PLVE Network Camera is not only affordable for your business, but it also utilizes the best technology that night vision cameras have to offer which makes this an investment that should not be overlooked.

AXIS M3058-PLVE Network Camera

Equipped with OptimizedIR, Forensic WDR, and Lightfinder technology, the AXIS M3058-PLVE is made to deliver sharp, life-like images in any light setting which makes it great not only as a night vision camera but also equally as great as a daytime camera. By using Axis Zipstream technology, the AXIS M3058-PLVE is able to deliver complete 180-degree or 360-degree overview, indoors or out, that you can live stream around the clock, without forcing you to sacrifice any bandwidth or storage. The AXIS M3058-PLVE features a stereographic lens that achieves a higher resolution around the outer portion of the view which means that any objects at a distance in the camera’s peripheral view can be captured just as clearly as the objects near the center of the frame.

The AXIS M3058-PLVE also contains I/O ports, so that you can connect any existing sensors or detectors to the camera’s digital input to trigger alarms or actions and the output ports can be connected to access control devices, as well as doors and lights. The AXIS M3058-PLVE comes with an optional black skin cover that you can repaint to blend in anywhere which makes it perfect for stores, hotels, offices, banks, schools, and hospitals. While the amount of technology that comes packed in the AXIS M3058-PLVE may seem like a lot, the installation and setup process is fast, simple, and completely cost-effective.

Keeping Your Building Secure At Night

When it comes to technology that can help keep your business secure at night, you won’t find anything better than night vision cameras. Night vision cameras not only help you effectively protect your business from crime at night, but they also help in preventing suspicious behavior on your property and identify suspects in the case of an incident. No matter what type of night vision camera system you decide upon using for your business, adding just one can make a huge difference in your existing security system and put you back in control of your property no matter what time it is.

The first step you can take towards a more secure building is improving your video surveillance system and integrating that with your access control system. TED Systems has the ability to seamlessly connect all of your security systems and keep all of the information in a centralized area. You also have the option to remotely access your security footage and access control data remotely if an emergency does arise.

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