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Should You Upgrade Your Video Surveillance Technology?

Should You Upgrade Your Video Surveillance Technology?

Video surveillance technology is a critical part of maintaining the safety and security of your business. From small startup business to massive enterprise companies, video surveillance is everywhere and advancing significantly. Today, many companies face the important task of evaluating their needs and deciding whether or not to upgrade any of their existing systems. In some cases, you may be able to skip this year’s upgrade, but when it comes to video surveillance you simply cannot afford to not have the best technology. From maintaining and securing property to providing safe working environments, video surveillance is an integral part of every business, but how do you know when it’s time to upgrade?

Reasons to Upgrade Your Video Surveillance Technology

  • Do your surveillance cameras rarely short out?
  • Are your surveillance cameras producing a clear picture?
  • Are your surveillance cameras integrated with your access control systems?

If you answered “no” to any of the above questions, it may be time for you to consider upgrading the video surveillance technology at your place of business. If you are on the fence about whether it’s time to upgrade your existing system, here are a few reasons to help you decide if the time for an upgrade is here.

Prevent Video Loss

When you install a new video surveillance system it’s because you need to keep an eye on things, whether it be internally or externally. So, as you can imagine, it’s going to be a pretty big deal if those cameras suddenly stopped working.

There are a lot of potential issues that can surface with an outdated video surveillance system. Whether a surveillance camera loses video feeds on one or more cameras or a camera loses connection and goes black at night or gets no video with a camera showing a black screen, there are a variety of reasons that could lead to video loss, but in most cases, it’s simply because of outdated hardware. Video surveillance technology should give you peace of mind. Isn’t it worth the effort to make sure you have the best possible video surveillance system that’s working for you 24/7?

Higher Image Qualityclear-video-footage

Once upon a time, grainy video surveillance systems that operated on analog technology was a breakthrough for the safety and security for businesses everywhere. However, times have changed and new video surveillance technology is making those systems obsolete.

The video surveillance technology that exists today comes with enormous benefits for businesses by producing images that are almost four times clearer than any of their predecessors. The added clarity also allows for more precise zooming, allowing images to not become grainy or blurry as you focus in on objects or details. This gives security teams the ability to zoom in on the smallest of details which can be a crucial and valuable resource when identifying suspects in the event of an intrusion.

When integrated with existing access control systems, video surveillance cameras can can make for even more robust building analytics.

Advanced System Integration

Another huge advantage to upgrading your video surveillance technology is the ability to tie your video surveillance system to other building applications such as access control systems.

In the past security systems operated independently of each other. With the advances in integration technology, you are now able to see critical information from both systems in a single interface. An integrated security system takes multi-layered security systems and combines them with a common platform.

Whether you want to keep intruders from coming into your business or maintain the safety of your employees, integration of video surveillance and access control provides your business with an efficient and user-friendly system. Click below to contact a video surveillance expert at TED Systems for more information

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