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Strengthening Your Campus’s Security Using CCTV Cameras

Running a school is a huge responsibility. The larger the campus is, the bigger the responsibility for school administrators in keeping their students, teachers, and staff safe.

Fortunately, surveillance technology has simplified the task of school security. CCTV camera surveillance systems are increasingly being used to maintain security and safety in college campuses, allowing the students and staff to focus on their tasks and preventing unauthorized and undesirable individuals from gaining access to the campus.

There are plenty of benefits of installing security systems on college campuses:

Student Safety

Once a student arrives at school, the parents expect their child’s education and safety to be the college’s top priorities. As the number of students attending the school continues to increase, the likelihood of incidents, violence, and crime rises. CCTV surveillance systems serve as an excellent deterrent against any incidents occurring on campus (e.g., unauthorized access, bullying, or vandalism).

Apart from keeping student safety at the forefront, security cameras also identify bottleneck areas on the campus. Are there doors that become jammed when a large number of students use them as an entry point? Are there corridors that become packed at the start of the day or when classes are let out for lunch breaks? An effective CCTV surveillance system can help to identify these situations.

You can improve your CCTV system by integrating it with footfall heat-maps. Doing so allows you to monitor the changes in foot traffic as the school year moves through different weather conditions and semesters. By identifying cramped or busy areas, you can plan for better student evacuation routes.

Teacher Safety

Staff safety matters just as much as student safety. Your teachers have the right to feel safe during working hours.

Security camera systems give teachers peace of mind by ensuring that the people on campus are supposed to be there. With personal alarm systems and panic buttons, teachers can seek help in case there is a threatening incident in the classroom.

These cameras also provide teachers with protection against false threats of misconduct, as well as provide evidence for liaisons between students, teachers, and their parents.

Safety During School Closures

Campuses are often targeted by intruders during out-of-hours periods (e.g., weekends, nights, holidays, and other events that require the closure of the school). Many schools house high-value equipment on site, which requires protection from theft and vandalism.

There are several security measures that can prevent unwanted incidents from happening on campus while everyone is away. Create a security strategy that includes fencing, lighting, CCTV, equipment storage, and alarms.

Accept Authorized Visitors Only

A stronger school security system begins when you can see who exits and enters the campus, ensuring that all individuals have authority and are not trespassing. Most parents are concerned with how easy it is for strangers to enter the campus, calling into question the safety of their children when they are at school.

CCTV cameras keep a record of  unauthorized individuals entering and exiting the school without permission, so you can alert the security staff in case of suspicious activity.

Outfit your security cameras with intelligent video analytics, appearance search technology, and facial recognition so your safety team does not have to spend hours assessing video footage. Advanced surveillance technology also enables search terms to be input into the software so it can track wanted individuals.

Since college campuses are busy locations with a constant stream of students and teachers, a surveillance system is vital to having comprehensive coverage of the school.

Prevent Theft and Vandalism

security monitoring CCTV footage

College campuses are not immune to on-site theft and vandalism. CCTV systems installed in problem areas, such as parking garages, sports equipment sheds, and other establishments away from the main building, deter opportunistic vandals and thieves. These systems also ensure that you have recorded evidence in case of active vandalism or break-ins.

Attend to Emergency Situations Immediately

Emergency situations call for proper and timely evacuations. Unfortunately  bomb threats, shootings, and other violent altercations are common occurrences across US campuses.

During such situations, students end up separated from teachers. Some of them fail to follow the safest evacuation route in the building. CCTV cameras can identify problem areas via daily monitoring, enabling your security team to make the necessary adjustments to ensure efficient and quick evacuation. Integrate footfall heat-maps to your security system so you can plan evacuation routes around tightly-spaced or heavily-used areas, as well as monitor exits to ensure they are always clear.

In the case of evacuations, remotely monitored security cameras can help identify students that are still in the building, so you can send emergency teams their way. These cameras can also track people of interest as they move from one room to another. Remotely monitored CCTV cameras can also provide a visual feed that helps in identifying people who leave the building.

Where Should You Place Your CCTVs?

Security cameras should be installed at an optimal height to allow for a broad-scope view of the location. The recommended height for installation depends on the size of the rooms, corridors, and areas you wish to install the cameras in.

Knowing where to place your CCTV cameras on campus requires carefully budgeted planning. If your budget restricts you to a set number of security cameras, consider the type of camera to install. Maximize your purchase by investing in wide-angle lens cameras. These cameras enable you or your security team to cover a broader field of view. These cameras can cover more blind spots but also restrict the detail of the security footage.

Peace of Mind for Your Campus’s Security

TED Systems partners with colleges and universities to protect their students and staff by providing high-quality security systems. Our range of security and video surveillance systems strengthens your school’s security measures. Keep your students and teachers safe with our advanced technology.

Get in touch with us today to learn more.

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