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Keep the right people in and the wrong people out with access control systems from TED Systems.

LenelS2 Access ControlAs with CCTV video surveillance and intrusion alarm systems, your access control system is an essential piece of the physical security systems that are meant to protect your structures, employees, visitors, physical assets and data from unwanted intrusion, damage, theft or misuse.

Protect Your Business with an Access Control System

At TED Systems in Kansas City, we are a leader in the design, installation and support of state-of-the-art access control hardware and software. From entryway to enterprise level, access control systems from TED Systems are designed to deliver maximum protection for commercial offices, high-rise buildings, healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, educational facilities, industrial plants and detention centers.

Our access systems by LenelS2, PCSC, TruPortal, Axis, Software House, Sielox and DSX offer a number of on premise security functions through the use of coded key cards or badges. Access control is a perfect accompaniment to a CCTV video surveillance system.

Benefits of Access Control Systems

  • Prevent unwanted premise access or intrusionsS2 NetBox
  • Prevent disruptions to your business operations
  • Prevent overcrowding in areas with set occupancy rates
  • Protect employees and visitors from outside intruders
  • Assist with other on-premise loss prevention measures
  • Limit employee movements during and after business hours
  • Protect information and intellectual property from access or theft
  • Protect inventory and equipment from theft or misuse
  • Reduce costs from re-keying locks and managing physical keys
  • Decrease liability and risk associated with stolen or misused equipment
  • Easily controlled and monitored from a centralized security office

Your system can be as flexible or as unyielding as required – and are a perfect accompaniment to a CCTV video surveillance system installation. All of the systems are installed by our highly-trained technicians.

Partner with TED Systems

TED Systems offers proven hardware and software technologies. Our many years of designing, installing, and supporting access control systems will allow us to help you effectively manage the security of your building or facility.

At TED Systems, we are the best value in electronic solutions for fire alarms, security systems, sound and communications systems.

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