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Technologies That Will Keep Your Building Secure

Technologies That Will Keep Your Building Secure

The Importance of A Secure Building

Among the many decisions business owners and facility managers alike have to make, how to best secure your building is at the top of everyone’s list. Security and access control technology have changed drastically in recent years, and there are many different types of systems and products available to you that can help you better manage facility security. Whether you need access control, video surveillance, fire alarm, or intercom systems, the demand and the options that are available to you can be quite overwhelming at first glance. There is no easy answer as to how you can best secure your building, but we have put together a brief list that we think will help make the decision process a bit easier. Take a look at all of the integrated security measures that TED Systems has to offer and when you’re ready to make a decision, feel free to let us know how else we can help make the transition suit all of your company’s needs.

Manage Building Access with Access Control

When it comes to keeping your business and employees secure, access control is one of the most efficient ways to not only prevent unauthorized visitors and manage/restrict building access, but it also reduces the cost of lost keys and manages the risk of potential theft. Rather than having to give each of your employees a set of company keys, with an access control system you have the ability to connect your doors to a control system and allow your employees to access the building via personalized credentials. Whether it be a key card or a PIN number, you can customize the level of security that suits your safety needs.

Benefits of A Video Surveillance System

With all of the technological advances in the IP video solutions field, you no longer need to invest in a multi-million dollar video surveillance system to keep a watchful eye on your property. Video surveillance systems now are more robust and affordable than ever and enable property managers and owners the chance to provide tenants with increased safety and security. Whether you have one property or multiple properties, video surveillance can be deployed from one centralized location to multiple locations and accessed via the Internet or any approved device. With a brand new video surveillance system, you have the chance to deter potential security threats, assist with visitor management, and identify suspects in the event of a security threat.

Video surveillance also helps businesses manage their shrink numbers by keeping a 24-hour eye on inventory and equipment. This ensures that they are not being taken advantage of or becoming victims of theft.

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire detection is one of the most challenging issues, and when optimizing a building’s security, fire safety is often overlooked. However, fire alarm systems now have the ability to detect smoke and heat of all kinds, as well as any changes in a particular area’s temperature, and can relay that information to strategically placed locations to alert people of the potential threat. With a TED-approved fire alarm system, you are now protecting your employees and your business from potential disaster and securing your assets no matter the size or type of facility while also ensuring your fire alarm system is up to code.

Stay Connected with Intercom Systems

Intercom systems are a great solution for schools, business, office buildings, and other high-security areas. Intercom systems are frequently used to allow access to someone at a locked building entrance, but they can also be used as a means of voice communications between two or more locations. Whether you need to communicate with a single person or multiple people, intercom systems give you the chance to instantly communicate with your employees, visitors, and customers.

With any of these highly advanced security solutions from TED Systems, you can be sure that the needs of your company are accurately assessed and configured to meet any of your specific needs.

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