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Technology Update: Lenel OnGuard Version 7.4

Technology Update: Lenel OnGuard Version 7.4

Here at TED Systems, we find that access control is one of the best ways to protect your employees and your company information. We are excited to tell you about the Lenel OnGuard version 7.4 upgrade. This upgrade provides users with a browser-based experience with both card-holder and alarm management. Users can view and acknowledge alarm systems from anywhere on a tablet, smartphone, or computer with complete control of the Lenel OnGuard hardware.

Uses for Lenel OnGuard Version 7.4

This upgrade makes this technology more versatile than ever before. Lenel OnGuard version 7.4 boasts a user-friendly and robust interface that provides a cloud deployable OnGuard system with browser-based client options. It offers browser client support for OnGuard Credentials Cardholder Management client, OnGuard Monitor Alarm Management client and OnGuard Access Manager client (access level assignment).

Access Control Hardware and Lenel OnGuard Version 7.4

Support of new LNL-8000-M5, allowing LNL-1300 to replace M/RJ or WIU-4, enabling OSDPTM and Wiegand reader support.

Support of Series 3:

  • LNL-1100-S3
  • LNL-1200-S3
  • LNL-1300-S3
  • LNL-1320-S3

Features Added from Version 7.3

There are many upgrades that were made to the Lenel OnGuard version 7.3 to create version 7.4. These are a few we thought were worth noting.

  • OnGuard Monitor Client for Alarm Management
  • New LNL-8000-M5 Alternative to 8RP for OSDP/Wiegand Reader Support
  • Support for 16 Card Formats per Controller and 255 Access Levels per Badge
  • Configurable TLS 1.2 Encrypted Communications (Comm. Server to ISC)

We are very happy with the updates that have been added to the new Lenel OnGuard version 7.4. We believe that these will greatly benefit our clients who are looking for an easier access control solution while on the go. We believe that staying up to date and maintaining your access control systems allows you to create a more secure work environment for you and the occupants of your building.

Contact TED Systems today to learn more about the access control options we can offer your business!

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    1. Yes the new series 3 controllers are backwards compatible with previous versions of Lenel. With that being said version 7.0 is no longer supported by Lenel. That version will still continue to run there just won’t be any support for the software.

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