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The Problem With A Direct-to-Consumer Approach

The Problem with a Direct-to-Consumer Approach

Some of the industry leaders in the video surveillance and access control distribution world are marketing their products directly to consumers, rather than to qualified installation companies. This is a tactical approach used by some companies, in all industries, who are hoping to save themselves some of their marketing budget for use elsewhere. But how much does that cost you, the consumer? And how much will this direct-to-consumer approach cost your company later on down the road? The could prove to be problematic in a number of ways.

Direct to Consumer = A Lack of Support

There are many ways this direct-to-consumer scenario plays out, but it mainly comes down to support…or lack thereof. If something goes wrong with your video surveillance system or you need to replace some parts on your access control system, do you know who to call to get it fixed? The same company or distributor that sold you your system likely will not also offer maintenance and will tell you to seek maintenance elsewhere (i.e. an authorized installation company).

Was Your System Installed Properly?

Without a technician’s help, it’s not likely for the average consumer to know if your equipment was installed correctly just off first glance. A professional technician will be able to ensure that your equipment and hardware are not only installed properly, but they will also be able to help you troubleshoot future problems you could potentially encounter. If your product was not installed properly, a technician can also help you point out what the problem is and provide you with the proper resources to take the error back to the distributor especially for warranty issues. Many manufacturers won’t give tech support on a product unless you are certified as well.

Let’s say you buy the equipment directly from the distributor for a project and you have an integrator install the equipment. Six months down the road there is an issue and a part fail, often there is a struggle on getting it fixed under warranty. The integrator and customer often run into the issue who is going to pay for the labor to repair or replace the defective part since the integrator didn’t supply the part. When the integrator provides the solution end to end then everything is covered under the warranty terms which makes for a hassle-free repair.

Do You Have the Right Equipment?

Are you positive that you have the right equipment for the job? Internet research has proven to be extremely helpful, but it can also be very misleading if you are not actively looking for information from the right resources. The number of the nuances of what your needs might be is infinite (see our article about “Video Surveillance Questions”) and it can be difficult for you to know exactly what your needs are and what equipment you need to not only get the job done but to get the job done right. Many times, when the consumer buys directly from the supplier, especially if it is a complex project, you don’t always get all the parts needed to complete the installation thus making the project go over budget due to unexpected costs. A good integrator will know what parts are needed and if they miss a needed part will typically absorb that cost, instead of a change order, as it was their mistake making sure your system performs as promised.

Avoid the Direct-to-Consumer Trap

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