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The Risks of Not Having a Secure Access Control System

Building security is a common concern for businesses of all sizes. Security needs are ever changing and in the modern era, you are vulnerable to a number of security threats from theft to vandalism to violent crime. As a business owner, you need to take necessary security measures to ensure that nobody can harm your business or your employees. And yet, there are still many business owners that may not realize how much they actually need or understand the risks of not having a secure access control system.

Why Your Business Needs a Secure Access Control System

If you have yet to consider installing a secure access control system in your business, here are a few of the risks you may be vulnerable to.

The Entrances of Your Building are Not Secure


In this day and age, threats are endless and you never know what kind of people will walk through your door. Without a secure access control system, your business will have an increased amount of risk and exposure. With a fully operational access control system in place, you will be able to successfully prevent unauthorized individuals from entering your building and you will also be able to protect your employees in the process, giving you and your workers peace of mind and in-turn increases job satisfaction and productivity. Your staff will feel safe from harm during work hours, and that should be a top priority on your list.

Potential of Theft or Unwanted Visitors

Many times, business owners become frustrated because employees enter their building on the nights or weekends without their knowledge and this can lead to any number of issues. Unmonitored activity in and around your business can lead to some serious problems. It may not seem like a big deal to allow people to come and go from the premises as they please, chances are you don’t want employees, customers, or vendors being able to enter your building at any time of day or night without your authorization.

Without a secure access control system, your business could become a hotspot of criminal activity.

Unregulated Access to Secure Areas of Building

Not everyone in your organization should have access to every area of your building and if your building has offices or rooms with sensitive information, protecting those areas becomes even more crucial. Without a secure access control system, you won’t be able to program different levels of restricted access based on the status and security clearance of employees. You also won’t be able to create customized schedules that grant or deny access to your building during certain hours of the day or night. A secure access control system makes it easy to let you know who comes and goes in your building at all times.

No Protection from Employee Theft

No one wants to think that their employees steal from them, but statistics show that 75% of employees steal from their employer at least once and according to the ‘Association of Fraud Examiners,’ internal theft accounts for up to 5% of annual revenues for businesses. Although secure access control can’t prevent theft completely, it can hinder it by prohibiting employees from accessing the building during certain hours or anytime outside of their shifts. Access control can also be used alongside your existing time-logging systems so you know exactly when an employee starts their day or leaves for the day, preventing them from not clocking out in an attempt to gain more hours when they are actually not working.

To ensure that your access control system is 100% secure, contact the security experts at TED systems. They can come audit, maintain or install a new access control system in your building to ensure the safety of your employees and assets.

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