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Your Most Common Video Surveillance System Questions Answered

Your Most Common Video Surveillance System Questions Answered

TED Systems frequently get questions from our customers, many of which revolve around one of the services we are most known for: video surveillance. In our many years of providing exceptional systems to our clients, we thought this would be a fantastic opportunity to answer the most frequent video surveillance questions we encounter on a regular basis. Read on!

Q: How will a video surveillance system impact my existing network?

Answer: How your video surveillance system will impact your existing network all depends on a few deciding factors.
Firstly, what type of network do you have? What is the speed of said network? Does it have a Gigabit backbone or an even newer 10 Gigabit backbone? The higher the speed the more data that can be transmitted across the network, which is extremely important if you are looking at a large system and especially if you are wanting high megapixel cameras. 4K cameras are not uncommon to install these days.

Secondly, the design of the video surveillance system you are looking for will also be of importance when it comes to how it will impact your network. The number of cameras, frame rate and resolution of said cameras (What megapixel will they be?), and how the type of scene the cameras are looking at will also play a role. The more motion there is, the more bandwidth and storage that are required. The busier a scene is the more data that will need to be transmitted across the network.

All the aforementioned factors will play into how your video surveillance system will impact your network. Based on all the information above, TED Systems will design a solution based on certain parameters, and we will let you know what the bandwidth requirements are based on the solution and if your current network can handle the load the system will put on your network.

Q: Can you create your own network, or can we use our existing network and segment off the video system with a VLAN (Virtual Local Network)?

Answer: If your company has a good IT (Information Technology) staff, yes, they can segment off the system for you by creating a VLAN so as not to impact your production network. If not, then here’s another question for you: do you have dark fiber (spare fibers) available to build an isolated physical network? If no spare fibers are available, then a new physical network can be built, but this does drive up the cost of the project.

If the backbone of the network is good and it can be put on the production network, then that is the least expensive option.

Q: What are the storage requirements of my video surveillance system?

Answer: All the above parameters will impact the storage requirements for your new video surveillance system. The number of days of storage you would like for your video surveillance system will also play a part in this equation. You may have a number of days you would like to achieve, or you may have a specific requirement depending on the nature of your business. Determining the size and type of the recording device is also important as it could be could be an NVR (Network Video Recorder) using the internal storage or some type of NAS (Network Attached Storage).

How Does the TED Systems Bidding Process Work?

We'll take you through the specifics.

Q: How many days of recording will I receive?

Answer: Like storage, this is also based on all the above-mentioned factors. If you would like 100 cameras for your video surveillance system, we can determine how much storage you will need by using a storage calculator and entering the above information to determine what it will take to achieve the desired amount of storage.

Q: How many people can view the video at the same time?

Answer: Typically, between 5-10 users can view the surveillance at the same time. However, that also depends on the video system that was installed, how many client licenses were purchased (if licenses are required), and how much bandwidth the network has to sustain the total number of viewers at one time. More viewers equal more bandwidth.

Q: Is the viewing software installed on a PC or is it browser-based?

Answer: Depending on the platform, some video surveillance systems can be installed with a “thick” client on the user’s PC, an app. Some systems can also be browser-based on which you will be given a shortcut in your browser to take you to the cameras you given permission to view after verifying your login credentials. Also, depending on the video surveillance system that was installed, some systems have phone apps which allow users to view video remotely, providing the IT department sets up the parameters to do so, or if they will even allow a remote connection. Also, some systems have a cloud connection to make this setup much easier and with less IT involvement and is more secure.

As you can see, video surveillance systems will vary by the many nuanced needs of your business and facility. Have a question of your own? Leave us a question in the comments below and we’ll be happy to answer it.

What Are Your System Requirements?

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This Post Has 2 Comments
  1. Hi,
    My condo complex has posted a sign stating that the premises are under video surveillance.
    I know that there are no cameras on the property, they are just trying to cheap out on security.
    For some reason I believe this is either illegal or not recommended.
    Can you comment on this.

    1. This is by no means legal advice. For legal advise please seek council of an attorney. Yes having a “dummy” camera is not a good idea. Problem is if something happens to a person and they see that there is a camera then they can assume someone is either watching or it is being recorded. Unfortunately you can still buy “dummy” cameras on the internet. There is a major retailer that actually lost a lawsuit years ago because they had signs up they had video surveillance when they actually didn’t.

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